Ram Mount Milling Machine Guard

by ATS Machine Safety Solutions

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Part #

MG-3 - Standard Model, no interlock

MG-3-SK1 - Interlocked Model, Dual Voltage 250VAC / 24VDC, 2 Amp Safety Switch. IDEM Magnetically Actuated Safety Interlock Switch. Click here for specs. 


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Installation Instructions


  • Available with or without a safety interlock switch. Select when ordering.Safety switches are rated to only 2 amps and require some form of motor control to adapt to your 3 phase machine.
  • Protects operators from flying chips, coolant, and accidental contact with the rotating cutter / spindle.  Polycarbonate shield (lexan) 1/4" thick
  • Front arm swings open to the left 180 degrees for easy setup and work access 
  • Installs in minutes on most manual vertical milling machines- Truly bolt-on. No drilling into machine is required!
  • Bolts to the threaded hole on the ram originally used as the lifting point. 5/8-11 and 3/4-10 mounting bolts supplied.  These fit most brands including Bridgeport. Check your machine before ordering.  We can supply threaded reducers or other size bolts if needed.
  • D.R.O mount extender included (since this is where most DRO's mount)
  • Heavy duty steel adjustable handles- pull out and orient 360 degrees
  • Articulating arms allow operator to easily position the shield to fit different work-pieces or fixtures. Guard can also be adjusted left to right on the rail.
  • Works with head tilted all the way, as shown with flat shield
  • Includes curved lexan shield and flat shield
  • Industrial T-slot extrusion provides a way to mount work lamp or other accessories.
  • All CNC billet aluminum construction, Powder coated "OSHA Safety Orange"
  • Standard arms are 14". Custom lengths available. 


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