Baldor Grinder Replacement Eye Shields

by ATS Machine Safety Solutions

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Part #

ATS-GA10-Rep - Replacement Shield for 6" Baldor Grinder. Eye Shield, 4 x 5"  $12.95

ATS-GA11-Rep - Replacement Shield for 7-14Baldor Grinder. Eye Shield, 4 x 6"  $14.95

  • Price is per one each.   Two usually required per machine.  
  • Made from 6mm (1/4") thick impact resistant polycarbonate (lexan). The edges are rounded over smoothly and corners rounded on a router.
  • These will last substantially longer than the standard plexiglass or acrylic, and not discolor or crack as easily.
  • These are simply the replacement shield and bolts/nuts.   You will need to drill out the rivets on the OEM assembly, drill 2 holes in the lexan, and bolt to the existing shield metal assembly.
  • Also fits other grinders and buffers.  Need another size? Contact us!

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