Grinder Shields / Buffer / Drum Sander Shields, Guard

by ATS Machine Safety Solutions

Part #

SG-2 - Fits 6-8" wheel diameter Grinders & Buffers. Includes 6" wide shields.   $199.00 for pair as shown.  

SG-2L - Fits 6-8" wheel diameter Grinders/Buffers, and most Drum Sanders. Includes 9" wide shields.   $209.00 for pair as shown.  

SG-3 - Fits 10" wheel diameter Grinders & Buffers. Includes 6" wide shields.  $225.00 for pair as shown.  

SG-3L - Fits 10" wheel diameter Grinders/Buffers, and Large Drum/Flap Sanders. Includes 9" wide shields.  $245.00 for pair as shown.  

PRICE IS FOR A PAIR, AS SHOWN.    If you only need 1 side, please contact us.

  • Our grinder safety guard shields are universal to most bench grinders and pedestal grinders, buffers, and drum sanders.  
  • Select grinder wheel diameter and shield width from the drop down menu when ordering.
  • The machine shown is a 6" wheel series BALDOR.  The shield shown is 6" wide.
  • Available in either a 6" wide shield, or a 9" wide shield for larger grinders / drum sanders/ buffers.   
  • The 3/8" thick aluminum mounting plates are slotted to accommodate a large range of grinder pedestals, including the Baldor pedestal bolt patterns.  Can also be bolted directly to a table or work bench.
  • It has 3 different height adjustment holes for the shield.
  • Constructed from industrial aluminum extrusion, powder coated "safety orange"
  • 1/4" thick polycarbonate (lexan) shields.  Contact us for custom shield sizes.


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