Hardinge HLV / Toolroom Lathe Guard

by ATS Machine Safety Solutions

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Part #

LG-TR2 - Standard Model, no interlock

LG-TR2-SK1 - Interlocked Model, Dual Voltage 250VAC / 24VDC, 2 Amp Safety Switch. IDEM Magnetically Actuated Safety Interlock Switch. Click here for specs. 

Available with or without a safety interlock switch. Select when ordering. Please note: safety switches are rated to only 2 amps and require some form of motor control to adapt to your 3 phase machine. 


  • Protects operators from flying chips, coolant, and the rotating chuck.
  • Guard hinges upwards, well out of the way for set-up.
  • Gas strut raises guard and keeps in open position for set-up
  • Guard is 12" wide.
  • Included side lexan encloses the area around chuck / spindle, preventing reach in.  Designed and cut to fit an HLV headstock.  
  • Constructed from industrial aluminum extrusion and 1/4" polycarbonate (lexan).   Replacement shields available.
  • Powder coated "OSHA Safety Orange" 
  • Mounts by drilling/ bolting to the coolant tray.  The design is engineered to clear the various locations of objects such as coolant pump and power wires.  The posts may be positioned anywhere to clear these.
  • Will fit Hardinge HLV/HLV-H, HC chucker, DSM-59, DV-59, TL, TFB-H, and import copies such as Cyclematic & Sharp
  • Note how the mounting can be reversed- see Photos 4 & 5.  Lathe guard shown on a Clausing Colechester 15 x 48 lathe.  Hardinge Dovetail machines need to be installed like this to clear the motor behind headstock.

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