Sliding Lathe Guard - Machine Mount

by ATS Machine Safety Solutions

 Contact us for a quote.  These are constructed on a custom basis.  Please specify required length of coverage ("Guard Width"). 

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Please fill in the measurement form when ordering so that we can design your lathe guarding system in CAD.

Guard Width Selection Lathe Measurement Form

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Average lead time on sliding lathe guards is 7-10 business days.


  • The lathe guarding system protects operators from flying chips, coolant, and the rotating chuck.
  • Available with or without safety interlock switches (locking/non-locking)
  • Mounts to the existing threaded holes in gearbox/ lid.  You will just need to source longer bolts.  Bolt on installation!
  • Constructed from Anodized/powder coated industrial aluminum extrusion
  • Custom designed in CAD based on your lathe machine measurements. Contact us for a free quote/ consultation.
  • Choose from 18 - 48" wide guard.
  • 1/4" polycarbonate (lexan) front and top panels - easily replaceable. 
  • 8" Orange PVC strip curtain on the bottom provides additional chip containment while still allowing access to the compound handle.
  • 3/4" linear rails and double ball bearing guide blocks for ultra-smooth sliding motion and long lasting durability.
  • Sliding lathe safety works well on larger machines when loading with overhead hoist
  • LED Light Option Available. 



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