Anti-Restart Motor Control Box: 120v, 1ph, 15A

by ATS Machine Safety Solutions

Motor Control 120 Volt With Anti-Restart Capability

Part #: GS-104 ATS

120 VAC / 15 amp Single Phase Motor control box provides a Stop/Start circuit along with a latching Emergency Stop Button and 8’ power cord with molded male 15 amp wall plug.

  • Anti-automatic restart feature to prevent machines from automatic re-start after power loss.
  • Contains a Siemens 120VAC power relay for motor control function
  • Allows you to connect a 120V safety switch to relay
  • The existing machine electrical cord has to be hard-wired into the GS-104.
  • Ideal for meeting current electrical standards (NFPA 79) for smaller machinery such as belt sanders, drill presses and grinders.
  • Contains 15A fuse
  • UL 508 Listed

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