Safety Switch Option for Mill, Drill, Hinged Lathe

by ATS Machine Safety Solutions

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Part #


SK1 -  for Mill or Drill Guards   DPG-1, DPG-2 and MG series part numbers

SK1-L -  for larger hinged Lathe Guards LGH, LGH-1

SK1-TR - for LG-TR series hinged lathe guards


SK2 -  (4m Cable) for Mill or Drill Guards

SK2-L - for larger hinged Lathe Guards LGH, LGH-1

SK2-TR - for LG-TR series hinged lathe guards


  • These part numbers are to add a safety switch to an existing ATS guard. All necessary installation hardware included.
  • 110V switch: Omron p/n MA-10APC2   OR  24VDC/110V dual voltage switch: IDEM p/n 113006
  • Magnetically actuated safety switch option for all milling, drill press (DPG-1 & DPG-2), and hinged lathe guards. 
  • Comes installed as shown when ordered with the guard, but may be added to existing guards later.  Choose from 110V AC or 24VDC.
  •  Please note: safety switches are rated to only 3 amps and require some form of motor control to adapt to your 3 phase machine. 

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