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Welcome! All items that say In Stock will ship out today if ordered by 3PM ET
Welcome! All items that say In Stock will ship out today if ordered by 3PM ET

Surface Grinder Guard - Sliding Doors

Lead Time

7-10 business days. This item is built to order based on the size of your machine. Contact us for a quote today!

PART # SG-Special
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This surface grinder guarding is constructed on a custom basis to fit your machine. The average lead time on these custom sliding surface grinder safety guards is 7-10 business days


Please fill in the measurement form when ordering or quoting so we can design your surface grinder guarding system in CAD.


  • The surface grinder safety guarding protects operators and other personnel from the rotating grinding wheel and the potential shattering of grinding stone or part ejection.
  • Constructed from 40mm square industrial aluminum T-slot extrusion.  Finishes include clear anodize (standard) or orange powder coat (optional)
  • 1/4" thick impact-resistant polycarbonate (Lexan) with rubber molding contained within the T-slot of the extrusion.  
  • The doors slide open with white UHMW bearing pads that ride in the outside T-slot of the extrusion. The door opening length can be designed into the build.
  • The latch on the surface grinder safety doors is a positive spring-loaded deadbolt, made from stainless steel and aluminum.
  • The end panels are adjustable along the width of the main frame, allowing you to use the included angle brackets to mount them to the existing sheet metal shroud or ends of the table. The angle brackets can also be positioned anywhere along the front T-slot to allow you to drill and bolt to the existing shroud.
  • Available with an optional safety interlock system. When integrated into the machine's control, the surface grinder will not be able to run until the safety guarding doors are shut.