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Hydraulic Press Guard - Sliding

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7-10 business days. This item is built to order based on the size of your machine. Contact us for a quote today!

PART # HPGuard-Sliding
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Are you looking for a shop hydraulic press machine safety solution that is transparent and more substantial than the ejection curtains available? The ATS Safety hydraulic press guard features a vertical sliding, counterbalanced door made from 40mm square anodized aluminum extrusion. The see-through view panel is 1/4" thick polycarbonate (Lexan). 



    • This hydraulic press safety shield is custom built to your machine
    • Constructed from 40mm square aluminum extrusion and ¼” polycarbonate (Lexan) 
    • The door slides straight up (vertically) on 4 UHMW plastic slides.
    • A pair of self-contained cable counterbalances keep the door up.
    • This hydraulic press guard is easily installed by drilling 4 holes in the top of the H-frame.  4 aluminum angle mounting brackets are supplied.    
    • Fixed side panels and fixed or sliding rear panels are also available
    • Electrical Safety Interlock available for those wishing to interlock electric over hydraulic type machines.  See this page for the type of interlock.
    • Floor mount option and hinged option are also available.