Safety Interlock Switch, Tongue Style for Sliding Lathe Guards

by ATS Machine Safety Solutions

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Part #

SK3 : Omron STI T4012 Non-Locking Tongue Style Safety Interlock Switch for ATS sliding lathe guards. Switching ability:  AC: 230 V, 4 A    DC: 24 V, 4 A.  Contacts: 3 N/C + 1 N/O

Interlock Specs PDF




  • Safety interlock switch and brackets/ hardware to retrofit ATS sliding lathe guards.  Can easily be adapted to other guarding projects.  
  • Uses a "non-locking" tongue style switch made by Omron, P/N 44538-2030
  • Includes an M20 strain relief connector, but no wiring.
  • Please note: safety switches are rated to only 4 amps and require some form of motor control to adapt to your 3 phase machine. 

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